Suboxone Forum Upgrade

Regular readers know that I’m a psychiatrist and addiction doc – not a computer guy. When I started writing about Suboxone and buprenorphine twelve years ago, there were few other people writing about the medication. Of course heroin addiction was just taking off, and fentanyl was confined to operating rooms.

I put together a couple sites that skyrocketed in readers. The most-used was SuboxForum, where we discussed controversial issues like ‘is Suboxone a drug for a drug’, and ‘do the films hurt your teeth?’

I did not work on SEO stuff, because (in case I didn’t say) I’m a psychiatrist. I watched my sites fall below sites that had almost no content, that only advertised spa-like treatment programs that have been proven not to work for treating opioid addiction. Many web sites ‘scraped’ my posts and content, or took feeds from the forum, and posted them as content on their own sites – that scored above the native sites.

Google always says ‘don’t worry about SEO; just have good content and we’ll find you!’ I can attest that in this corner of the internet, they don’t do a good job of separating the posers and scammers from real content.

There are a couple other forums out there that were big in the past, and now sit dormant or dead. They still rank for questions about buprenorphine. I’ve decided that I need a hobby, so I’m going to try to get the numbers up at SuboxForum. If you haven’t been there for a while, stop by! We are still at the same place, with some software upgrades… but we have many of the same people you knew years ago. Our main mission, of course, is to help the newcomer learn about an important medication… so if you’re wondering how the medication works or other questions, stop by.

I’m a psychiatrist (if I didn’t say that before). So I don’t collect info and sell it to spammers. The software needs you to give your email to sign up, but get a free anonymous one and use that.

Hope to see you there.

THIS is the last time….

My computer expert ‘JJ’ added something interesting at the forum; now you can comment directly on anything from the blog in a ‘give and take’ fashion. It is at the bottom of the page at I also want to thank those who signed up; over 30 new people in the past 24 hours!
One last thing… please don’t hesitate to share your knowledge. The best way to share is to emulate an NA or AA meeting, where one will give advice by describing his OWN experiences. For example instead of saying ‘you should…’ people say ‘I don’t know if this would work for you, but in my case I found that….’ A small distinction, but the sort of thing that makes others more receptive to your ideas.
Again, thanks everyone,

New Design: Please Comment.

I have had a number of requests to lose the ‘shooting’ picture, so I tried out some new designs today and liked this one. I wanted something simple and ‘to the point’. Please post feedback in the comments section; as I have mentioned, I don’t have much of an eye for design. Ideally the design will encourage people to click on the ads every now and then… please comment on that as well, if you have experience with ad placement.

Get the party started…

A quick plug for publicity… if you enjoy the blog, please spread the word about it in any way that you can– if you like a post, please take a minute and hit the icon for StumbleUpon, Digg, or whatever your favorite social networking site. Likewise, please spread the word about— that could really be an interesting place if we can generate enough momentum. There are now so many people out there with questions about Suboxone; the forum would be a place to share your experiences and knowledge with those looking for info, and would hopefully be a place where you could discuss Suboxone without getting blasted by someone else.
Yes, I am making about $2 per day in adsense revenue from this blog– for some reason, opiate addicts seem to have a real aversion to clicking on links! My desire to spread the word about this blog and the forum is more about the fame than the fortune, I guess… just in case that matters.
Let this be the day that you take a minute and send the links to someone, mention the forum somewhere online, submit a post to Stumblers… I really appreciate it.
Jeff J

Farewell, Paris

I am hitting the road today, homeward bound!  No offense to Paris, but it will be so nice to get back…  I have a new appreciation for anyone who doesn’t speak the language of the area, and for those who suffer subtle snobbery in any environment.  For example standing in a line at a store and trying to make change with unfamiliar coinage, while the people in line sigh loudly, or roll their eyes as they glance at each other.  If I catch myself doing that back in the States I promise to quickly apologize!
A few people wrote to me over the past few days– I received the messages, but for the most part I cannot e-mail back.  I don’t know how to get Outlook to ‘inferface’ with the hotel’s wifi, and my computer struggles lately with every task– so I will take the time to log on to my mail server and write something only to have the computer suddenly crash and lose everything (!)    I will try to reply to people when I get back, but understand that I am far behind in several areas of work right now.   I am also trying to make a new resolution to work less, as I realized the past week that I no longer have the capacity to relax;   I don’t even know what the ‘relaxed me’ feels like anymore!  Since this is a ‘recovery blog’, I should add that the situation I describe is NOT healthy!
I received a plaintive note from ‘mifight’– I will write on Sunday when I get back, but please understand that I am just a one-man show;  I do not have attorneys or special connections, and I cannot help you get your children back.  I am posting this here so you see it–  the best thing you can do, when working with Social Services, is demonstrate recovery–  that means demonstrate a regular schedule, a job, a certain degree of composure, and even patience–  hard to do when fighting for one’s children, I am sure.  But the only alternative is to fight through the courts, and that is a fight rarely won–  it is very easy to make a person look ‘unstable’, where the more the person fights, the more unstable the person looks!  Again, when I return I will post your message without ID and see if anyone else has any ideas.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you– my ‘regular patients’– and to getting back where I belong.
To France–  Au Revoir!

The Catacombs of Paris
The Catacombs of Paris

PS:  I have to add this…. on our last day we went to the Catacombs, a network of tunnels that became the final resting place for thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of skeletal remains…  I will leave it to Wikipedia to describe the place better than I would, but what an experience…  to imagine the monks moving the bodies and bones to this location far below ground, and arranging the bones and skulls in decorative fashion (as they still are today)…  A ‘must see’, in my dark opinion!

Do me a small favor…

I just checked my stats– I like to see the numbers go up, as it provides more impetus for me to write. In the ‘shameless plug’ department… I have a couple harmless requests:
-First, look to the top of the right column, just above the PayPal seal, and click to ‘tell your friends about Suboxone Talk Zone’. Please send the message to anyone you know who is taking or considering Suboxone.
-Second, move down the right column to just below the ‘blogroll’, and click to subscribe to the blog. If you have never subscribed to a blog before, click on one of the services you are signed up for, or just click on ‘RSS’ and you will automatically get each new post in your outlook. More subscribers are detected by Google, and my blog will move up in the search results when people search under ‘suboxone’.
-Third, if you have a blog or web page of your own, please give me a plug and link to me. Let me know if you have a site related to the topic, and I will like to you as well.
Thanks all– I’m done for the night!

Special Price for Informational Download

Special Price

I have been selling a recording over on the right side of this web page–  the recording describes the treatment options for opiate addiction and the philosophy behind Suboxone treatment.  I recommend it for anybody taking Suboxone, considering Suboxone, or even for anyone who has a family member or even a boss who asks them about Suboxone.  When they ask,  ‘What is that stuff, anyway? Are you still on drugs?’  you can e-mail them this 75-minute audio file and tell them to listen to it on their way to work– and to quit asking you so many questions!!
I am lowering the price as a marketing experiment–   It isn’t going lower, but it will go higher again to some point as I figure out the right price.  I did spend considerable time and effort putting it together;  for those of you who don’t know me ‘in person’ and who wonder what I am like, check out the recording and let me talk to you.  I hopefully will make the whole idea behind Suboxone more clear in your mind.

Was $19.99;  now $9.99–  even less than a ‘Kenny G’ CD!  That’s a BARGAIN, man!


Reposts, Subscriptions

Some of the older posts were not transferred when I changed domains, so I will be reposting them.  I’m sorry if you have seen them before.
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One last try… after struggling with the code and a couple unsuccessful tries I have a PayPal ‘donations’ button working.  If you find my blog useful please consider tossing in a ‘fiver’.  I do spend a great deal of time with this blog, as I think the information is important.  I am very grateful for your help.
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